Thursday, 1 September 2011

Highs and Lows at High Crag

Myself, Franco and Dave were headed for High Crag. Our objectives, to try some of the original routes, get pictures on Warrior and put up a new route. I had heard rumours of legend about the crags uniquely steep walls and selection of hard and rarely repeted routes.

We trail blazed our way up to the crag and there it was, In all its glory, stood hidden in the woods.

The main face. Warrior Climbs the Huge crack groove!

Me and Dave began by climbing Kestral Crack while Franco abbed down various possible projects.

Kestrel Crack **

Originally given HVS 5b, we desided it was a bit ard and is likely E1 5b**

Next, it was time to 'get the scoop' so I gave warrior a try, one of the best E2s on the moors!

I found it difficult just about all the way up. Near the top, I thought about slumping, however great encouragement from below brought out my last 5% of effort and I got to the top of my best lead to date! YES!

After the lead....

After one of the best E1s and one of the best E2s on the moors. I was knackered. Franco had a look at a possible new line, but unfortunately, it had been raining for the last few hours and it was wet. Ah well, all in all, a damn bon day!

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