Monday, 19 September 2011

Peak scar meet and crag attack.

Just a quick and very concise blog about the weekends happenings, of course, not going into too much detail and keeping facts acurate.

Franco and Dave picked me up in helmsley as we were heading to Peak scar. Apparently it was the 50th anniversary of development at the crag and so some of the original ascentionists were returning to the crag! After meating my new mate 'John' we arrived at the crag and it rained. Franco raced down and said there was only two people, one wearing blue shoes.

We then headed to the pub and found the missing climbers. Met some intersting people, Alan Hinkes, Chris Shorter and Ken Jackson to name a few!

Anyway, turned out to be a good day dispite no climbing!

On sunday i went onto the moors alone, First stop castleton rig quarry, soloing about for a warm up. Next stop, look at a few undocumented crags with some promising and not so promising results! with a new VS and HVS, and possibly something bigger and better to come!

The I went to try body torque at stormy hall, which i obvioulsy wouldnt be able to do! but it makes a good picknick venue if its raining.

Last stop was round crag, ended up stubbleing (hurt my ankle) across Lee Robinson and his mate, who seemed though he was climbing pretty hard! I subsequently sat about, didnt do anything and recolected previous days climbing.

Prime weekend! :)

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