Friday, 3 June 2011

More from Clemitts!

After we discovered the bouldering potential of clemmits crag, it seems to be a crag that just keep on giving! This wednesday, I met up with Franco Cookson to continue exploring the potential of the crag. I biked to the crag and got there bang on time. After giving Franco a call, he'd just got up so I bouldered about for about an hour repeating the what are now classics, Doing 'Off the rails' and putting up three new problems on the outcast boulder. The first was a lip traverse, 'Lippy' font 6b, The second was a mantle, 'Lipo' font 5/+ and the third was a campus problem. 'Grandma's magic carpet' font 6a+.

After that, Franco arrived and we went to have a look at what else there was to be climbed. We set our sites on the block named 'Tsunami Wall' and we climbed the new problem  'Riders on the storm', font 6b/+.

After that, we headed round looking at what more new lines and blocks there were to be done. There is still much more potential, this is the font of the moors! We settled for attempting a new traverse on the 'Ground force block' which proved quite tricky in the conditions and we didnt manage it that day. Franco then made the first ascent the day after.

(Thanks to Franco for the Pictures)

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