Saturday, 4 June 2011

Wainstones Ravenscar and Bivvying

Last Sunday, me and Rory headed up to the wainstones. I had four main objectives, which I knew I probably couldnt complete but I'd have a good go. They were, The sphinx nose traverse HS 4a, Concave wall HVS 5b, To attempt west sphinx climb E2 5b and to try Satchmo E2 5c. First I soloed some easier climbs, one of which was wall and ledge which was really good. Rory then lead some good climbs, fairly boldly aswell! After that I lead 'Spinx nose traverse' which is one of the best pitches ive ever done! The bold traverse is a superb and then the finish just makes it, a must for anyone climbing on the moors!

(Picture to come later)

After that, we did a bit of bouldering on A boulder.

After that, some pikeys came from Teeside. One of them was a particular worry as he began to strip off. Then the other one did. But thankfully, the fat one didnt and they put them back on again :P. So we didnt get any routes done for about 2 hours because we didnt know what they would do and one of them kept carrying rocks about. Thankfull, I think this is not a regular accurance here though! If you wanna meet pikeys, head to eston nab! After they had leaft, Rory's parents turned up to our suprise! We climbed the square pinacle which I havent yet worked out weather it was the Needle or the Steeple. So I arranged some sort of 'Interesting belay' and brought him up. Then we decended via absailing of a sling wrapped aroung the overhanging side of the butress which was also pretty interesting. After that, we had yet another 'issue'. The sling wouldn't flick off the top and as it was getting dark, we leaft it till morning and did some night bouldering with the cows instead.

The lights of Teeside and the north east shone all night and if you looked over, it almost felt like day time!

When we woke up it was raining, but thankfully the bivvy was still dry. Then I remebered that the sling was still sat there in the rain so I attemted to solo back up in trainers with a stick to nock it off but it was a bit sketchy so after about 20 minutes, I ended up putting on the climbing shoes! and managed to get onto the top and abseiled of again but this time without using the sling this time!

We were now pretty soaked so began the trudge back to catch the bus. On the way we had a look at Ravenscar and at satchmo which unfortunately had a soaking top-out :( . Looks ace though!

Once we'd got back to Helmsley, we met yet more weird people who offered us fish and chips, asked us where we were going and told us where the toilets were! weird stuff.
All in all, we had a pretty amusing time despite the lack of climbing. We met some 'interesting' people and had a few epics, so it was pretty good fun!

(Pictures to come!)

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