Saturday, 28 May 2011

Rosedale Ramblings

Last saturday I biked up to Rosedale by my self. Recently its been a bit of a dissapointment as theres been barely anyone to climb with due to their revision for exams. The other reason includes certain climbing friends becoming rather obsesive about cricket.......

So I went to a 'small' venue that me and Lee Robinson discovered and which I have been developing. Infact, it turns out to be 'not so small' and actually has quite a large range of highball and low ball bouldering. Lee and James Rennardson had already added a few more problems after our first folly which were all good quality. There problems include, 'The slot' 'The iron prow' and a few more on the 'great slab' and 'the slot block' After repeating some of their problems, I added a lip traverse into hard mantle, sevral no hands problems, more problems on the slot block and opened up a new slab.

Note: there are also some very hard, short problems, one of which is a massive 40 degree over hanging dyno, high 7's into low 8's??

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