Sunday, 2 October 2011

Ravenswick New Routing, Duck Boulders and Oak Crag

On Saturday I went to Ravenswick with Joe to go and put up some dodgy new routes.

The only buttress left in the quarry which doesn't have any routes on it is 'Far Right Butress' aka 'Stinking Beaver Buttress'.

Joe soloing 'Rough and Tumble' XS 4a*

We climbed three slightly dodgy lines, which was a bit scary but pretty fun! Topping out was a bit of a job though...

Thinking... 'erm what should I do now?'

From Left to right, 'Gutter Guts' XS 4c, 'Rough and Tumble' XS 4a*, 'Rock Spit' XS 4b.

It would be good to encourage people onto the walls further right, and maybe with traffic, the quality can improve, like the rest of Ravenswick, although beware of death.

Then, today I went with Lee, Chris and friends to the 'Duck Boulders' Quite a good area with one large boulder with some excellent lines and also a cool boulder, the '99p boulder'.

99p boulder.

Then we walked along to oak crag and did my usual solos.

Not bad eh!

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