Thursday, 6 October 2011

Camp Hill and Clemitts Revisited

Today we had a training day at school so the plan was to go to whitestone cliffe with Rory and maybe climb some of the lesser climbed lines such as 'Pie and pea Pillar' HVS. When he got on the bus though, he was told the bus no longer gos to Sutton bank on weekdays so we had to change our plans!

We scrounged a lift part way and then biked the rest to Camp Hill crag battling the ever increasing wind. When we got there, it was pretty windy, but at least it was dry and most of the bracken had died! We did some of the usual solos including 'Tempest' which was quite exhilarating when a gust almost knocked me off at the top!

In a moment of inspiration, I decided to try and solo 'cling wrap'. This is something I'd failed at on our first trip in march, then finally led in late April. And now, I'd soloed it, despite the now 50 mph winds!

Something I'd seen in the past as a possible new route was the arete at the right end of the main buttress. There was some debate as to whether it would stray into 'waves within' but today i decided to give it a try on top rope, and it seems it doesn't and in fact holds some fantastic and weird moves! I managed to just about link it once and i reckon 6b climbing. It looks as though there's bugger all gear either! Could be an interesting proposition.

We went down to the strict arete boulder, and had a good mess about and I managed 'Strict arete', something id not managed and had a dodgy knee whacking fall on when i went with Franco, James and Billy but today managed it on about my fourth attempt?

Moors Loon!                                             That's 'ard that!

It's been good to see my progress over the year, and today has sort of confirmed it by climbing some of the harder lines I'd looked at and failed on before!

'Finger print preservation society'
We went down to clemitts afterwards hoping it would be in condition. In fact, it was although we didn't last for long and so began the long ride back home with the wind in our face!
We love to boogie!

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