Thursday, 25 August 2011

Oak crag - a day soloing

Recently ive been quite psyced for soloing so oak crag was on the cards with joe paxton. After running down from blakey with my stuff, dropping it off at the crag and then running into farndale to meet joe, we spent the day soloing many of the routes at the crag, including captain birdseye, one of the best slabs on the moors.

In the end i was quite happy with my tally of routes having soloed quite a few hvs's some vs's and various others.

I also found a short steep pinnacle, now known as 'the old sheep butress', (due to the dead sheep found in a cave behind the pinnacle) found right of blakey butress, and put up a few routes on the front face, all around vs.

Quite psyced to get on the e2 there though!

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