Monday, 25 April 2011

Weil Ich nach Hamburg geflogen bin!

Today I headed up to clemmits again! I arrived to find Lee snuffeling boulders out and started on some cool problems on a block outside the woods. Then we were joined by some of Lee's friends and then Franco Cookson who was climbing well considering his fall! Then we moved in to the woods.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a great surge of development at clemmits crag by 'the moors team' (probably the whole climbing scene on the moors!) Great boulders have been uncovered and we have found some fantastic boulder problems. A great circuit is developing with way over one hundred problems (maybe 200) across all grades.

Some of the best are: Full Breakfast, Finger preservation society, The heaven slab, Stairway to heaven. Off the rails, Jakes problem, Arrogance of youth, The sentinel, Sams slab and The iron bar.

More development should be soon to come at the betaguides bouldering meet!

I have also met many new people which has been good aswell.

May development continue!

Thanks to Lee, Jake, Tom, Mark, Franco, Luke, Rob, Aidan, Mick, James and Scott.

P.S. special thanks to Lee because ive nabed your pictures.

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