Monday, 25 April 2011

Longer afternoons = bridestone seshes, A slightly more 'normal' post of the year.

Yesterday I went to the bridestones with Rory Stead. Tres bon. We started off on the first boulder and I tried the full circuit which makes for an exelent variety of climbing.

Then onto pinnacle four to try some of the higher problems before the pepper pot.

Then onto the pepper pot where rory managed it on his third attempt and I was pretty chuffed too after I managed to get over the steepest part to the lip but then I hit Rory in the head and he fell over, then i fell off and landed on him. Reckon he could rent himself as a highball boulder mat personaly.

After that we headed round to the cave on the other side of the valley and I repeated 'the cave' font 6a (bit soft id say) and then added 'the hobit'

Also Rory did a really cool problem called .......

Then we did a bit of soloing on the isolated pinnacle and moved onto the butresses. Twas tres bon!

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