Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Camp Hill!

We planned to search the next ridge and see what treasure laid ahead in esotorica and so set off to go to Camp Hill!

Lee Robinson (Beta guides) had also planned to head to Camp hill to complete his curcuit.

We turned up and as usual, the weather wasnt the best! We warmed up soloing a nice severe to the leaft of the crag.....
Jake making a mountain out of a mole hile on 'original route' Severe.

Then I had a go at 'cling wrap' HVS 5b which shouldnt be a Massive task!! Well.... It was. I dispatched the bolder tentative lower moves on the slab and reached the flake.

I tentativly placed some dodgy gear in the flake and moved upward.

Then I placed a cam in a pocket mean while my other gear fell out!

After numerous attempts I failed and so the route waits for another day......

Then Jake and Tom climbed ordinary route VS 4c, which has a rather bold top out.

After that I tried HVS 5b. I started well getting over this awkquard wall up to the thin flake crack. It was super pumpy trying to put gear in and eventually I got some tiny wires in. I caried on up and then got stuck on a damp ledge. It wasnt my day for HVS 5b's!! just like how it wasnt my day for VS' the other day! So i sacked that one off aswell. :(

Mean while. Tess modled her new Jacket in luminus green......
From topdog - £3.95

Thank you Tom's dog!

After messing about on the crag we suddenly thought, wheres lee?
Turns out he was scouting out new boulders down neer rosedale. Some turned out to be really big!....
For an ant!

But some of them do look good. Look on for more details!

After climbing, we bouldered around on what turns out to be the strict arete boulder.

Strict arete is the clear arete to the leaft.

A new problem, Captain stapstick  SS font 5/+?  Start with hands on diagonal slopers and move up the sloping rib, lunge for a sloping side pull and a juggy rail. Move up again for another flat rail and get a high right foot alowing for a big strech for the top hold.

Sam's Slaper font 7a?  Unclimbed      Both hands in the LEAFT crack and feet on small sloping edges. Dyno for the top sloper just right of the lowest point.

 Jake and Tom's Eliminate dyno, Dynomite? font 6c? Unclimbed.   Start with both hands in the right hand crack with feet in sloping edges right of those used for the previous dyno. Dyno esentially folowing the line of the arete to a good jug at the top.

going for it....

almost theeeerrree!

hands round the top!

Tom Barr

Jake Hampshire

Sam Marks. Me!

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