Sunday, 6 March 2011

The mighty ridge.....

On a damp day in early february, myself and jake hampshire set out yet again to explore the wonders of blakey ridge. The plan was to go to castleton rig quarry and then nip over the rig to have a look at stormy hall.

As we travelled across the ridge, the fog decended. visbility, 30 metres. As we reached the lion in, visibility, 3 metres! we were then dropped off and the east side of the rig and then navigated our way to castlton rigg. We started with a lead of some easy severe and then moved onto 'the sentry box'. Only a HS 4b but made more dificult as it started raining and had to be thruched. After that, we through down the ropes and soloed what we could. Jake soloed 'the slab', HS 4b and I soloed a few slabs and some easy aretes.

The  I had a go at 'the face' 6a.

which I failed.

After that we made our way to stormy hall and stumbled upon a little crag unvisible from the road. About two routes have been put up on the right and the leaft by franco cookson and dave warburton but the rest is untouched. Tune in some time to find out weather anything good lays in wait?!


Maybe not?


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