Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A tale of 006, Robin, Watson, Fro-zone and Elastagirl

On saturday I was greated by a most rushed Lee Robinson. He drove in to the drive almost knocking the house over, jumped out of the car and said "quick quick get your bag, no time to loose!" So I grabbed my bag, locked up and jumped in the car, still bewildered as to the cause of this even more exited than usual Lee Robinson. He then told me that Oak wall which was climbed a week or so ago by Mike Gray was about to get its second ascent and so off we raced to blakey ridge. We got out of the car where we met 2 more of Lee's comrades and then left them in a cloud of dust as we ran down the more across all mannor of heather and bog. When we arived the second ascent had just been done by Martin Parker however he was kind and gave us another ascent to see the spectacle! It turns out "The mighty oak" may not be 'that hard' at around font 7a+/7b.

After that we explored more boulders to the south and came across to hard problems on an overhanging boulder with a fused tree! With the easiest line folowing the arete and another harder line up the centre.

Meanwhile, I went wondering for boulders as usual and typical me, fell down a hole and found a new cavesystem!

There are also some good highball slabs in need of some better weather and some good boulders. Then, we saw some fellow in the distance so quickly ran with brush in hand ready to batter this random stranger for trying to nick our posesions. I jumped over the boulder and did a comando roll whilst falcon 1 and eagle three positioned them selves with snypers at the top of the crag. I quickly swyped my nunchucks from my chalk bag ready to give the moreland-wandering theif a good battering.

So after making all that efort to attack what i thought was a member of the castleton mafia, I soon realised it to be another climber and not some toothbrush stealing, matt theifing man. So we all greated him with a hand shake and he told us how he was a friend of the first ascentionist and that he was here to try bag the next ascent. Amazing! Never have i met 6 people at some moors esotorica before!

Then we raced back up on to blakey ridge and boarded for the next destination, Camp Hill. We jumped out of the car and marched to the phelias fog area. Then Martin flashed this (After a quick demonstration by Lee where he demonstrated how not to fall off and subsequently badged his ankles) whilst I had a look round and found more promising lines. After that we trooped back to camp hill crag boulders, Lee trying the 'strict arete' from 'sit' and myself managing my dyno progect second time ofter a tip off from Martin and found it to be around font 6a+ or something like that rather than its expected font 6c+.

Myself (i'm afraid to say) looking a tad campo on the dyno at camp-hill-y-o-no-friends.

Then I returned to my lift home in hope of returning the next day.................................

So the next day came around and the rest of the 'Pickering Massif' wanted to come along so we headed up to Clemmits crag on the other side of the ridge.

There were some good highball slabs to be had...

Font 5+. I also did the central line on the slab at about the same grade.

Jake. On his problem.

err, Tom. doing what he knows best,


We also did some light brushing to some other slabs which did in no way shape or form include, japanese water features, decKing, garden knomes or any other oriental garden features.... We are sure the council will be thrilled with our work and are awaiting our payment, we charge £4.56 per boulder.

After all our hard efforts, we marched back up the hill with no mention of any form of digging object to be greated by the graones of motor bikes and blasts of shotguns.

Soon we were met by some random people wandering the moor with worryingly large rucksacks so I set up my bouldering mat as base and set the heat seeking mortor on the targets. Then we walked back to the car not uttering a word but fairly smug with our antics........

And then we got in the car and drove hope leaving Lee and Mark to talk to our new found friends........

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