Friday, 22 July 2011

Danby Headpointing

On sunday I headed over to 'the other side' to meet 'hang-over' and 'polish?' to see what the beans was a Danby Crag. Franco had been telling me about his new aretes he had found at the crag and reckoned i'd have a chance on some of them?! First, Dave got on his wall project, 'The Polish Diplomat' (H4/5)E5 6a/b.

Then I attempted to second it......

And failed.

Then, I had a go at 'Jungle drum', (H4)E5 6a/b which I found easier.
Franco on the hard rockover.

Hopefully I'll be able to lead it next time after I linked it second go on shunt, which feels really good considering I didnt think i would be climbing anywhere near this grade for a while get, even headpoint.

Franco went to shunt one of his arete projects and i lead valiant, the classic 'VS 4c' more like a mild HVS 5a.

Then, to finish off the day, we had a go at top-roping the uterly deperate 'blunt arete' project which features easier laybacking into a 6a/b move and finally into a 7a?+ dyno for the finishing edge...... No wonder we couldnt do it!

Good day, Danby is where the British trad scene is at right now though!


  1. Vulcan = Valiant in terms of the VS(MHVS) you did. Vulcan is that horrific looking VS crack to the left of the E8 7a blunt arete proj.

  2. You're right about that being where the British trad scene is at, at the moment. Proper sage destination.