Wednesday, 2 February 2011


After a facebook message, it was time to meet up with Lee Robinson, (betaguides) to have a look at camphill. As we came over blakey ridge, the weather became dull and grey and within minutes it was raining  :(. After a quick ten minute stop to look at stormy hall bouders, with the impresive problems on the spike boulder, we traveled to clemmits crag. Clemmits crag is looked down on by many as a poor crag. Infact, in truth it is, but thats the crag, no one had really looked at it from a bouldering perspective. As we walked along the path, we began sighting boulders. At first they were just small, but then they began getting bigger, and bigger and bigger!!

A nice slab problem.

A large, slighly over hanging wall.

The mighty undercut!........

The hairy boulder, with an easy flake problem up the front face and a punishing roof problem :)

The roof problem close up. Hard!

These boulders were all laying below the tree line, there was also more bouders in the woods....

The mighty arete! A superb 8 metre long arere. There's also some great, hard up problems using pockets, crimps and flakes.

Yet another overhanging wall! using sloping rails and flakes! looks hard and needs a dry spell!

After that we explored the boulder field to the south and found yet more aretes, walls and roofs. There were also some good looking highball aretes in he hill side.

Then, as we walked over the last mound, A great prow was sighted! So, as the light dimmed and in true exploritary spirit..... we headed back to the car untill next time....................

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