Sunday, 13 February 2011

Exploration continued....

Two weekends later, I met up again with Lee Robinson, this time also with Rory Stead a local friend and fellow explorer of rocks! This time, we were in search of what seemed to be A mystery prow! and so we set off across the moors. First stop was a look beyond fryup dale head. As we hoped over the wall, we saw distanty boulders, but were they any good!..... No, there were some interesting highballs and frozen gullies and a hard looking roof but other than that there was a pretty meagre helping of boulderness to be had. We then began trudging back to fryup dale head and as we did found a few nice blocks.
Rory on the hard looking sit problem.

After that, we arrived at fryup dale head wich is simpley filled with aretes and walls but that wasnt what this trip was about, where was the prow!!
We turned a corner, and there it was, standing magnificently in below the main crag, it has one uber thin, slabby wall with a magnificent arete on either side, and then, round the back is a fantastic, fairly steep problem!

Lee on the steep problem with two of the four aretes, two of which are of great quality. The crag main is in the background.

We were quick to get our shoes on and try and tick some lines, however, as soon as we did, the sun went down and the cold became nithering. So, after gaining numb toes and fingers, we scrambled up the hill and back to the car, most definately a place to go back to!!!

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