Saturday, 31 March 2012

Thoughts on 2011 and ideas for 2012

A busy Christmas holiday, the winter trip and plenty of school work has meant that I've not had chance to write about 2011 or what I want to do in 2012. I began leading in January last year, having previously soloed, and top roped about a bit. When I began lead climbing I felt like I'd become a proper climber. Despite the fact I'd already soloed routes, this whole new seriousness made me feel like I'd reached a new level. I began well, being able to climb the odd very short VS, but on attempting moors HVS', they never did go well. Occasionally a ridiculous idea would pass through my mind that I would be able to climb e3 if I went to almscliff... But essentially, I always thought that moors HVS would defeat me, and this was my aim for the next year. Sooner than I thought we were in the peak district, climbing VS solidly with the odd HVS. I began to boulder quite alot with Lee, but it was only the more highball, almost soloing problems that really interested me. Soon enough, me and Jake we bumbling up the easy routes at shepherds crag, and the next thing we knew, we were climbing on the sea cliffs in jersey, and I felt confident at HVS and managed to climb my first E2! With E1 being a rare grade in the moors, I seem to have rarely climbed at the grade regularly until just recently.

With Franco and Dave back in the moors for the summer, I quickly improved, and with the inspiration (an over used word in my opinion) from their hard ascents at Danby Crag, I was able to climb Warrior E2 at high crag. By this time I was beginning to feel even 'quite experienced' and we would often get comments at crags outside the moors about our age. One thing that's for sure is that climbing walls and some climbing media is ruining climbing. Climbing walls can make you strong (though not like ravenswick can) and teach you moves, but it cant help you read the rock. If you only climb indoors and can climb f7a you wont do warrior.

During the summer, the moors youth team was also formed, consisting of Myself, Jake, Rory, Matthew and Jack. I can't wait for the next few years, I hope great things are to come!

Not much of significance happened during the autumn, but I was able to reflect in the years superb exploits and the great memories I had.

Recently, I feel like I've again stepped up another level. I feel like I'm climbing better a bit more regularly, perhaps because I've now got a moped so can get out whenever I like.

This next year I want to do even more climbing! We're heading to the peak district in a few weeks, but more importantly, I cant wait for this next year in the moors! That I hope shall be promising too. I want to go to Skye, the lakes and north wales, and maybe plan some mad trip abroad by myself...

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